As a writer I have been where you are. I know the love, blood, sweat and tears your have put into your manuscript or script. That’s why I can help. Owning the right tools and knowledge is a huge time saver when all you want to do is write. I have already done the research, failed at hurdles, put the legwork in and the networking, so you don’t have to.


Short and long courses available.

The latest course is designed with the new writer in mind.

Script Development

I have worked with established writers to improve their scripts, getting to meet the producers requirements. Generating new ideas and working together, we can make sure as a team that you have a script to be proud off.


Perfectly tailored to you. If you have never written or an experienced writer who has lost motivation or unsure where your story is going.

A one to one coach comes with lots of benefits.

Manuscript Review

When you have finished your script, whether you decide to opt for traditional or indie publishing, its always good to have someone who is a professional look over your work.

I believe in transparency in fees. When I offer a discount you can then see it is genuine. Not only that, but I believe in getting what you pay for. The prices you see are simple and while they may seem a lot, it takes into consideration reading your work beforehand. An average novel can take between 2.5 hours to 5 hours, a lot more if it’s fantasy!

On a full review I will be reading your manuscript/ script more than once. The feedback I have received I hope speaks volumes to you.\

If you are unsure about what support you need then take me up on a 15 minute ‘get to know each other’ call. It’s totally free!

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